Saturday, 28 January 2012

Food drugs and food

I am the lion that dose not eat meat,
indulge in honey or anything sweet.

My body is a temple no poison shall invade,
my heart is happy, where my mind will crave.

Food is a substance made for one to sustain,
over indulgence starts in the brain.

I'm hungary is what i always hear,
3rd world countries how many really care?

Zero, I see most love to drink that coke,
also sniff that shit until their soul is broke.

Drugs and food what is the difference?
one is illegal the other has clearance.

We eat what we're told without the care to study,
no wonder half the world is now becoming chubby.

What a jungle I roam in roaring at the sheep,
the ones who follow blindly,
when walking still remain asleep.

"Health versus greed,
Alcohol versus weed
it's always what you want
but never what you need."

1 comment:

  1. bro this makes me want to hit fat camp and rehab to kick my full fat cherry coke habits.

    You touch everything that is important with nutrition where sadly many Jeremy Kyle watching, Iceland food eating friends of 10-gut Barry from Sidcup are victims of.

    I'm going to go for run for dinner, I suggest you fat bastards do the same.