Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year Or New Fear?

Happy new year or happy new fear?

The powers at be are put in a position
to scare you out of a new growth,
Is 2012 going to be the end of their oath,
or are you going to let them make the economy broke?

New lows in the economy with high price living...
war takes life but tax we're still giving,
more loss then ever and we act like we winning.

It's all in your favor, I recommend you rebel,
If you let them pass certain laws, their taking you to hell,
fema camps, martial law is possible, it's death versus jail.

It's a new shine, this year is mine...
willing to share new ideas with an open mind.

You see together we are the power, we out number
them a million to one, there's no need to let
them rule the world, lets create our own fun.

I know it's hard to except what I'm saying,
surely your wise enough to hate the games
they are playing;

But love the products they impose, it's
a new dawn a new era and it us that were chose.

Stand by P.O.Z, John Lennon, Hue P and
Malcolm X... For we are the ones who are
there for the oppress.

"Let no set of people rule your life,
just those close to you because it's
they who help you in strife"


  1. :) Happy New Year Le Hornet! May you embrace this new light era full of opportunity, success and happiness :) Lovely words of wisdom :) x