Monday, 27 February 2012

Emotional conception

I am an angel who can deal with
humane emotions.

Emotions that are fixed always carry an error,
We see one side but never understand the other.

one can only express their feelings in the moment,
judging another acting like life owes them.

Never comprehend the power of heart,
Taking control of your emotions is an art.

certain situations bring the weakness of the mind,
to see what I see would make you blind.

I share the pain that you express,
from internal ache, to external stress.

I feel what you think, whether you smoke or drink,
So many read the paper but don't understand the ink.

pain comes in all forms, from anger to terror,
you can look at another, to find truth just look in the mirror.

I don't know you, you damn well don't know me,
but what you understand, I can oversea...

"Many emotions are up for debate
but the ones to control are love and hate"

(Le Hornet showing spontaneous creativity,
for all my emotions carry a energy via my
poetry and you shall feel one regardless
what you think. bzzzzzzz)

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