Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow day (4/2/2012)

Jogging in the snow, no trace of thought,
feeling like a boxer training for his
next bout...

Wanting to skate was the intention,
but the random whether had change
my direction.

Thoughts flowing freely about my next
victory in life, weather it will be
personal or something for the wife.

A sense of belonging I felt about the
day around me, strangers with purpose
empower the missions I carry.

Seeing the new arrival to the family
tree, welcome baby niece, I shall
assist you through this reality.

There is more to a day whatever the
weather, snow may break up plans
but bring families together.

A day of random order, not planned chaos
from a new birth to old habits loss.

"Days define your time and time
shall make your days"

1 comment:

  1. Hey man,

    Thanks for your comment. It's nice that you mark the snow day with a poem. I find snow an inspiring thing as well. it makes everything look fresh and you get wonderful colours reflecting off it. It can even make Hammersmith seem nice hahaha.

    So I take it your brothers had his kid?