Saturday, 31 March 2012

Battle of the poets

What a night what a night.

I prepare myself to read
some poetry for a night;

Not knowing what to expect
because the last encounter
was ugly,

the beauty of my poem
offending their special

Hell most of them were square
anyways, clapping like seals
at each others rants of expression.

Hosts ego as big as the hair
she was wearing, as she tries
tirelessly to entertain.

Although she greets me with a
sweet smile, in her tone I sense bitter
energy with the lemon I last left;

As she tells me "there are no more
spots for you" in a school girl way,
seeing I'm in her playground.

I accept and get on with the show,
watching act after act, admiring
those in the same art as me.

Just so eager to see the next act,
every time she popped on stage.

Finally there's an opening...

Dare i ask? well yes now to
see how much in primary school
we are in.

I drop my ego and walk up to her
in a intermission, where someone
is babbling on and over selling them self.

"May I feel this spot?"


With that tone of arrogance,
the type to let me know its
her world,

and I shall never be apart of it...


  1. Great poem. It's sad that some people are still at such a low level of understanding. We're all on a journey only we're not all travelling at the same pace, and it captures beautifully what happens when we come across the arrogance of others.

  2. i like harry potter better, proper riting.

  3. Ill Poetry great imagery. Sound like a poetry night where you have to wear a mask and inflated ego. The host sound like she was maniacal over throw by her ever expanding head. It seems like only a select few would have received your message amongst the drones.

  4. I'd loved this poem. I could feel the emotions in the story of the poem. Can't wait to read the next. Keep up the great work.

  5. thanks for that positive vibe people any negativity out of hate rather than real feed back has no real voice. bzzzzz

  6. hey man! Sorry about the late response to this. yeah, I think i know who this is about, though I don't think i was there.

    What can I say man. It's sad to be shut down in a forum where people are encouraged to speak there minds. It's a truly contradictory evening the person holds. Maybe you should think about starting your own open mic night.

    I hope your well man. I Need to link you and the family real soon man.

    1. Ideas will be made in that direction, charisma is what i was born with, now to use it. see you on canvas brother. bzzzzz

      we will reunite.

  7. She ain't part of your world bro,
    all I can say is 'fuck elders'
    I know this can be misconceived
    but from my interpretation it is
    not that they are old, might smell
    of pepper and old spice, but that
    they are not wise. We all grow old
    but lack the wise that I believe
    your timeless statement of 'fuck
    elders' stems from.

    1. hahahaha, my man, we gonna celebrate falafel style, when I get my break, ima check you on that, before you read this comment. bzzzzz