Monday, 12 March 2012

Dream up...

Have you ever lived your dream?

when asleep, intend to act on what you saw?

I did and from that created a new web in my
string of life;

strangers in dreams become friends in reality.

These are the times to allow internal questions
answer in your external self.

Don't deny the pictures of your mind,
just draw the attention to your hearts desire.

Walk into your unconscious mind,
we do tend to run in our conscious one;

work drives most off course, legs have
no fuel and just crash on the sofa.

The signs are in your sleep,
but we past most of them when we are awake;

Distractions of life are everywhere,
but will get you nowhere;

Just a temporary fix, when
gone still remain broken.

You are born to live you vision,
don't stay blind in anothers nightmare.

In truth dreams don't lie,
but reality tends too.

"Peace the puzzle of your dreams,
for they make the pieces to your reality"

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  1. Victoria PhelpsMarch 18, 2012

    Wow, loved that, really loved it.