Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Free up and then look down

Another sunny day, but many still
had tears in their eyes;

weeping about their daily job,
the only smile is from the monthly material.

stuck behind the walls,
sweating in the box;

whilst the boss is barking orders
in his air vent office.

The sun glairs through the window
reminding us of childhood memories;

It sucks to have the next 10 years of
my life with a fixed routine.

It aint all bad, I have enough money
to claim prestige over certain friends,

I can buy a girls love,
I can brag about investments that may fail;

I have it all...

It may seem like that on the outside,
But I'm really shallow and dare not dive
into deep conversations;

unless there is an instructor, I mean we all
need assistance in our lives.

Quitting is an option, but I will
wonder what will I do next?

The queen needs her pension,
government need their power,
I need... well in truth all I need is my life.

"It's a pain to live,
but a pleasure to suffer"

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