Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Just take a walk....

"Although you have a set day,
the power of randomness
can teach a long term lesson"

How many times I woke up and left
my date to fate.

I see sinners outside betting shops,
winners on street corners trying to spread
a message.

Do I walk past?

Let me stop and talk, he may say something
relevant to my life state;

I figure when one is talking...
why stop him in his tracks,
let him finish the race;

maybe they may help me
jump a few hurdles that I keep tripping on.

I learned never to ignore your inner questions,
it takes an external person to answer them at times.

If you have no pattern in life,
everything will seem zig zag;

But thats life, it always goes up and down.

You can't find opportunities in the same routine,
You may as well gamble in the lottery
with the same numbers.

It took an inspiring day to make this poem.

All I did was break my comfort and engage,
which turned into a marriage
and I made some long term partners.

Stay home and remain closed from the world,
or go out and open your world to all.

Your mission shall be reflected by others,
for every man deserves to see what he believes.

(Le Hornet a.k.a Constructive energy on a inspiration
Hi, who's buzzing with me. Peace)

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