Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Reverse Karma, karma reversed

Once greed takes the heart from young,
the blood flows through you until your old.

You see people gave you benefit of doubt,
abusing their kindness and trust.

They have offered you a way out and
you still manage to go back in.

I guess you do not take life signs lightly,
now your karma remains heavy.

You dare act like you the man to everyone,
but really just a boy in the playground
telling tales.

Reputation was fake, because
most days you never kept it real;

Let others speak their mind so you can
judge their character.

When angels were sent,
you decided to release your demons;

Now you're stuck in a physical hell with
inmates to reflect your persona;

Look into the mirror of your wrongs,
with no more chances to make it right...

You're a joke and it's not funny to be behind bars.

"This is the price for not paying who you owe,
Mans aint got your back no more,
so god defiantly aint protecting your soul"

(Poetic prays and energy going out to the people you're
trying to bring down, take it like a man when you
get locked up)

"If you have a snake in your circle, do not get caught in the middle"

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