Friday, 2 March 2012

Scottish Angel (R.I.P Maureen Mcneil)

For my teacher, who I hold at heart
She help me finish, so this poem
I will start...

I remember when I was on the verge of
failing a assignment;

you help me pass...
even the top minds held envy,
you made me the star of the class.

We would talk about our Scottish
whilst you were helping me with my English.

You always believed in me when
times were low,
times where I would feel like stopping,
you would help me go.

Thanks for helping me get on with work,
seeing my potential,
recognizing how much I'm worth.

You were a few of the teachers
who really help me,
you reside in my heart, I only
write this in memory.

"You will remain a Scottish angel...
until I see you next R.I.P Maureen McNeil"

(Dedicated to my teacher Maureen
who supported me in hard times
and considered me a lad o' pairts.
shall you be a part of me forever. bzzzzz)

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