Friday, 30 March 2012

Universal ears...

She called me and I heard,
Her voice as beautiful as a singing bird.

She heard my thoughts and
put me in front of them;

My negative, My Positive,
idol ones and my creative.

She tested my core contemplations,
love ones, hate ones even my exaggerations.

She showed me my true nature,
told me I was a creator.
if you think of good, you will rarely see a hatter.

Look in the stars for the signs,
you will see ancestors, poets
all the great minds.

If she talks you should listen,
she can turn your thoughts
into vision.

She guides me through the rough,
balances out whats tough,
in the end... she makes everything seem buff.

"For you cannot avoid a full
mind, but become void
through meditation"

(Le Hornet)

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