Sunday, 8 April 2012

Children seek, hornet speak....

A hero children need,
adults confuse the seed,
drinking poison,
chatting rubbish,
smoking more than weed.

Many years i've heard their cries,
parents ignore their sighs,
mummy gossiping,
daddy cheating,
so they can live their lies.

They crave the love of outside people,
small in size, made to feel feeble,
don't know this,
can't do that,
never treated like an equal.

The pain is in their voice,
we as parents make their choice,
half tone meaning,
no true intention,
are we really their hoist?

Parents have the power to preach,
also hold the wisdom to teach,
give them comfort,
define them love,
yet most feel like their children just leech.

Let us see through the eyes of children,
respect their pain, because we can heal them,
days they are cracked...
we should seal them.

waking up some days asking
"why am I actually here?"
is life really that distorted,
can my parents see me clear?

In my heart,
through my eyes,
most parents failed the test...
How you gonna live a curs-id life
and expect your children to be