Friday, 13 April 2012

confessions to yours truly...

To be detached from the one I

I know there were days where I wanted
to break her.

How can I, because there would
be days that she would take me
on a good ride;

Come rain or sun.

She could assist me over
any obstacle that came to me.

Some days she can be demanding...
I guess she wants more out of me;

I respect that, I should put in the
extra work it would be fun
for both of us.

Now you are gone, I can honestly
say that I feel lost.

I find myself walking in strange
places, without you I am lonely.

The curb without your presence,
it's but a dead end and with out
you I refuse to go further.

I want you back...

and when I get you ima take
you on a real Skate... I mean


  1. LEhOrNet is a leader among men and a leader of our times. At a time when male leadership is in decline and there are so few male leaders to inspire us, it's great to see one man rise among the others to lead the youth of today.

  2. Ha Ha jokes ending didnt see it coming. ill Poetry. semantically onpoint

  3. I admire the way you are able to open your heart and share what's inside. You have a rare and beautiful gift. X

  4. I Love the way you sum up such a personal experience with such succinct verbal eloquence. Beautiful :-)

  5. Beautifully simple!

  6. The love is beautiful, thank you all, i will let this one marinade for others to see and will cook more poems later. bzzzzzz