Friday, 20 April 2012

Father please Help Her.

Higher power...

Why are people so down
and how many will you invite
upstairs to chill with you?

As the father have you
considered giving mother
earth a make over;

She's long over due, once
beautiful, but made to feel
ugly by people.

How can you let them ruin
her body, penetrating her
with holes, bleeding her oil.

through the rain she cries,
through thunder shows fury;

Her sea of emotions
will soon flood our cities
as she drowns us in her pain.

She will open up through quakes,
even behind closed doors
we can't escape.

We force her to adapt to things
she would otherwise do
out of unconditional love.

man treats her like a whore,
using her body for their

She gives us air,
but we suffocate her
with pollution.

She gives us food
in abundance, yet we
still ask for more.

She gives us love...
but we still treat
her with hate.

"She goes through pain
to give us life, as we
maintain pleasure
slowly killing her"


  1. wonderful poem about the reality of what mankind has done to abuse the beautiful surrounding and home we call earth

  2. This is profound

    1. Thank you for the understanding, ima about spreading this truth in these times. bzzzz

  3. One of the Many face of Le Hornet. The God of Expression.

    1. hahahaha, safe, more faces to come, same face different expression.

  4. Lovely words man!

    I need to be updating my blog like U. you on fire. keep them coming

    1. Thanks man, hi vibe up in the hive.