Thursday, 26 April 2012

Friendship Friendship

Why do people fight those close to them? 
By fighting the one close, you will never get far. 

It is easy to make a friend an enemy, 
saying things they don't want to hear. 

Making a friend better sometimes 
can make you feel worse.

efforts get tired like an athlete 
on his final lap, 

except when running for a friend 
it seems endless. 

You could always give up, but 
that will tell you a lot about yourself.

Friendships can be rocky... 

Foundations can break, but 
are you willing to build together? 

Peace is a automatic offering 
why do we war over shared problems? 

Do you want to hate the people 
who keep you fixed in broken times?

If you ever going to despise,
just remember the good times.  

Your pain is mine,
my pain is yours. 

So many people we could fight 
together, let us not fight each other. 

Friends do rumble... 

But he who still remains in the ring with you; 
should be a champion and you his best contender. 

"Friendship is an endurance, 
how long dose yours run for?"

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