Tuesday, 3 April 2012

One stanza relate to U....

I was never a slave to love,
but feel trapped by it.

I gave my all to people,
but they never saw my individuality...

I dare argue the pain of others,
but there is no true pleasure.

People have the spirit to lift me,
never to recognise they are falling.

Anger calls those who don't listen,
why do many here when one says "I LOVE YOU"

Love is a word used in vein,
slit the wrist it bleeds hate.

Words make one believe he has power,
but still feels weak when expressing them.

I see all, yet remain blind
to other people.

I do not fear the dark side,
for light is the illusion of truth.

I write this in a random state,
all words are my fixed emotion.

I battle for unified change,
but it's me spending most of the pennies,
whilst you gain pounds.

"what a curse to be me in times of care,
for i always remain a gift and will always be there"

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