Friday, 6 April 2012

truth or pain?

The world is deaf not because
they cannot hear... is because
most things are dying.

Music has evolved, only remains
alive in the beats, lyrically the
game is dying.

Love died when sex started selling,
lust lives in the weak
and tend to die with a dis-ease.

Films were on the up rise, now
the biggest downfall is the
countless remakes.

People just gossip and have
nothing to say, lifestyle
expressed to care-less friends.

Beauty over ridden with
make up, underneath the
skins dying.

Trees of life being cut
down, whilst the paper
chase is rising.

marriage is now out of comfort,
a fixed engagement
with broken souls.

I feel alive when I speak,
but people remain deaf
to the words expressed.

human race has no care for
the real, superficial keeps them
alive.... But it's nothing but a slow death.

"I seek victory in a world
which is already lost"

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