Saturday, 12 May 2012

Content Love...

A world where we only
live for content?

if we haven't got it now,
then we think it is the end.

I claim to be happy,
without you I will weep...

need you for temporary comfort,
but still go cheat and sleep.

Told myself I would quit you,
why am I still here?

although I fear to love you,
love becomes my fear.

Fear not to be what I say,
life is a game which I hate to play.

Somedays I feel like an animal,
so to god I prey.

I would carry you anywhere,
even if life feels heavy,

shoulder felling tense it is
you who relaxes me.

Do I feel stronger when I
try and leave?

Death is what it's like without you,
because it's I who will grieve.

I've become addicted to you,
is it lust or desire?

days you make me feel low,
other days you will take me higher.

"Your love versus my guilt,
if I'm going to keep it straight
it's me who is on the tilt"


  1. Addictive Love can be a living hell.

    1. You right about that, if only people new if it was true or temp, but I can't tell anymore. stay real Jenna-Logical. bzzzz