Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Surf them streets...

We are the pirates of the concrete,
in our playground we call
the street.

Riding nature beneath
our feet.

We have the power to
play with time,

Express the term
"Life is mine"

There is no prejudice
in what we do,

Riding one big ship
theres no leader in our crew.

We aint here to steal,
but offer inspiration,

We are here to be an example
for a new generation.

Get on board or walk
the government planks,

where on your life
they are playing pranks.

We are concrete pirates
who surf the floor,

no polished talent,
just keeping it raw.

Expression is what
comes from our heart,

we skate not for fashion,
but just for the art.

"We ride what ever
the whether, a wet day
is dry to us"

(Concret "Poetic skater" Pirate
Inspired by Timothy Deconynck) 


  1. Seriously gnarly bro!
    Pirates of the Concrete,
    surfing the terrain like
    a ocean.

    Love it bro, keep it CP
    everyday - launching soon!

    1. One for the team. we gotta keep it creative through all arts. bzzzz