Thursday, 24 May 2012

To any parent...

Parents are meant to be the
protectors of their children....

Yet still put them in harms way.

weather it's un-concious
or ignorance.

Pump them full of sugar
and stick them in front of the T.V,
so you can have that
smoke break with a side of gossip.

Mothers exposing their kids to
devils, because they already danced
with them.

Fathers excusing their hustles
for their lack of talents.

These are the sons and daughters
of a lost generation.

Children being snatched
by the state, because your
mind is in a state.

They pump your child full
of mercury, slowing down
their true potential, so
they can perform in their lies.

The people who destroyed you
are out for your children,
they win because you are lost.

If you care about their future,
wouldn't you study the moments?

Moments are distracted by
T.V, Magazines and all forms
of mindless information.  

They test your children
at a young age, seeing which
of them are worthy of their world.  

Tell your child
"who cares if you fail their test,
just pass what you love in life"

"Your children are the sequels
of you, don't let it be their ending"


  1. Leon, I loved it, its all so true. Parents are so influential on their children and the majority don't even know, they have no idea how much they are either supporting or sabotaging their children's state of mind and attitudes. Great Poem.

  2. Thank you. you shall be a wise mother yourself, very very soon. may your influence be her power. bzzzzz