Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Words

I feel Like my words is 
like the sea, 

Some days you flow with them 
and other days they drown you; 

They even make you create your own 
water, some out of joy, some out of sorrow.   

I feel Like my words are 
like a brick:

If hit to hard with them will make you dizzy,
but if put with others can help you build. 

I feel Like my words is 
like a candle; 

On your dark day, can bring you light
and somedays for no reason just blow them out. 

I feel Like my words is
like a photo;

They conjure memories when looked upon 
and bring you back to moments you forgot.

I feel like my words is 
like a game of football;

If you kick it right, can help you score, 
or you can simply just pass them on. 

I feel like my words can; 

Open your mind, 
Fix your heart and 
Free your soul. 

"Words are just as powerful read
and not always said. Words are what 
you have, to show the world a story,
we all speak them, but when one reads
it's them against their mind'   

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