Thursday, 14 June 2012

Internal V.S External

"Internally... I am more than what I show, 
distracted from external things 
is the world I prefer to know"

I do not pay attention to my 
inner self, I'm to busy trying 
to impress the outside world. 

My inner strength is like a 
deep ocean, but never comes 
to shore because of shallow people. 

My external self is driven by the 
ego, who I hate in times of serious 
matter, but can be a help in times of fun. 

Inside most of my DNA strands are 
dormant, shut down by outside 
poisons and will only light up with purity;

Purity of foods
Purity of knowledge 
Purity of Love

Please feel me from the inside out, 
outside in is the illusion of 
temporary pleasure. 

I sustain balance from understanding 
both external and internal, one should 
not exalt the other.  

On the outside I claim to be happy, 
but you shall never hear my souls silent 
cry, like the pain of a destined child being aborted.   

I am more... but made to feel 
less in a world, where eyes only
look outward. 



  1. I understand what you're on about bro, but I believe there is a way to work around this problem... I've been seeing this person recently and I feel completely free when I'm with her, I normally keep myself secret so I'm always showing an outside that people like but with her the freedom of being myself lets my inside shine on my outside and it's a perfect feeling, find your freedom and you will show your inner you... That's what I believe anyways,
    Keep stinging minds my friend and remember to keep linking your poems on facebook to me btw we should chill sometime my friend

  2. Also before I go haha eyes aren't the only way to see things we have 5 senses when all are being used maybe that's when others can see peoples internals?

    1. Thanks for taking time to read brother and we shall chill together one day, like minds inspire higher thinking. stay peaceful and may your lady keep your glow, no matter how dark times get. bzzzzz

  3. Lei, my friend! You and I, we are the same. Haunted by the same demons that stand as tall tyrants at the end of the game. You play your role and I'll play mine. And together, our purpose will shine. Bottom line dude, I love what you've written. Cause it has woken up part which has long been sleeping. In our own unique way, lets face our demons together. For all the shit we take from ourselves, our lives are meant to contribute towards something better.

    1. I feel you on that, as long as we keep spreading the word our light will shine and hopefully reflect to others. Power and Poetry. Peace G.