Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Message to my mystery woman

To the woman under the

The one who gets put in
the category of mystery,
Who dose not want to be
seen as a fantasy.

I show respect for the beauty
you hide, for when looked
upon men can only wonder;

Unlike in a western world where
men can just see and choose
what part of the body to feast upon.

You keep men in check with
misplaced emotions.

The place I live, women are
respected for less, so they
are treated like less.

There is no hidden beauty
in the woman
of the western world;
Just in your face competition.

Where if she looked inside out,
would only see her soul weep,
whispering to her "show them you"

So to the woman under the 

Who let no man see you;
No sin can be cast upon you
for your efforts are only
seen by one.

For what's in your eyes is
truth, which ables you to see
the lust and pain of scavenging
dogs fighting for rotting flesh.

"What's the difference if a
woman wears a veil, she hides
with dignity.... where the other
hides in shame"

(You got a daughter you better
act right. bzzzzz)


  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

    Nice one, is it your true reflection of how you see western women too? Just out of curiosity :)

    1. No The poem was inspired by a conversation about women and He said something that gave me the incentive to write about the subject, but western women I have no problem with. Just hopefully one day most realise their true beauty and not let people just drawl for them. bzzzz safe for the read.

  2. The truth that set you free and it Herts, but inside out is what the eyes see's. J.U.S.wit dat being said