Friday, 8 June 2012

My girl

I never had much of a family...
But now I have my own.

I see the power in a family

I have the opportunity to
exercise love and it never
gets tired.

My children keep me young,
the girlfriend keeps me focus.

they hardly ask much from me
but to maintain happiness in
what I love;

She never says things like
"get a job you hate"

Women like that wear you
down, I'm surprised you can
get it up.

She keeps me Hi when life
is feeling Lo.

She even indulges in my fantasy
world, video games we play

breaking blocks on Tetris is
a metaphor of building new

I am her Link as she is my

I found a new appreciation
in what is mine.

Nurtured by a woman who
let me live my nature...

Just letting me be.  

(dedicated to the 9 year
energy I share with the
opposite me)


  1. Beautiful bro, may she always make you feel that way :)

    1. Thanks man, she will always make sure especially in the low times. bzzzzz

  2. Vickie PhelpsAugust 03, 2012

    As it should be, crazy that people settle for anything less but wonderful for you to experience the best. Xx