Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Western-initis (3rd person part 2)

It feels so good to wake
up everyday with a full 
english breakfast,

Hell I would never kill 
the pig I eat, this is the 
western world; 

most things are done 
for you. 

I get to cultivate my mind
in a school who is trying to 
better my understanding;

If not for them I would not
have the job I hate. 

Even my girlfriend has 

She loves shopping for clothes,
even though she can knit; 

She is just as happy to be here 
to exploit the skills she has 
to another master.   

Being a slave on this side of 
the world is not that bad, 

I have the freedom to: 

Spend my money 
Eat some shit
and mate whats in my path. 

I feel like a king...

Well my ego is the king... 

I'm just a peasant justifying 
the state I live in; 

I mean who wouldn't, I love the 
fact I feel rich in a society who 
has poor moral. 

"Western world is like a 
missing piece to a puzzle, 
it's not complete until it's found"


  1. excellent said....


    Picnics poetry’s first goal is to promote and advertise Poetry so that we can take advantage of the significance of arts and culture in the promotion of positive human interaction.

    1. Thank you for you feedback, man we about promoting the truth in a prose form. bzzzzz

  2. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    The Sting's gettin sharp. Plus a shot of venom.

    1. Thanks. shot of venom is to sharp for some, somedays I got right something sweet. glad you can join me for the venom. bzzzzzz

  3. You deserve a shot of venom too. bzzzzz

  4. hey, hey, Mr Le...

    ...well said. If I read it right, we have a higher standard of delusion whilst suffering the same levels of moral poverty.

    thanks for the full English...i enjoyed!! :-)))