Saturday, 28 July 2012

A mission to remember

A mission to remember,

a ride from west all
the way to east,

3 man on bikes the other
skating the london streets.

We celebrate not the
olympic ceremony,

but the 27th birthday
of their homy.

There was no first,
second or last,

one man was sipping
rum, another man was on the fast.

We got interviewed
for Russian T.V,

they asked our opinion
on the olympics,

we gave them raw realities,

like athletes don't drink coke,
or be eating that mac D's.

We already participated
in a olympic event,

cross london riding,
who knows next time

we may take it to kent.

Come home to cooked
meal mad by the wife,

This is  a mission to remember... 
for the rest of my life.

(shout out poem to my brothers
P.O.Z/G.A.T who charioted across london
on the day of my birth. peace Gods.)


  1. Ill vibez on the Hive masters 27th remeberance of his Earth deliverance.

    1. hahahaha, yes it was, obviously it could not be a day without certain brothers to attain such energies. bzzzz