Monday, 30 July 2012

Beauty and I'm the beast...

I am the office user...

I'm use to getting what I 
want, especially from a man.

I am not used to rejection, 
it's just not part of my plan. 

At the work party, I am the 
cream of the crop, 

But one man made me cry
that night, but my ego did not drop.

Moved on to the next sucker, 
who pays for everything,

Although he dose not get much 
from me, he's lucky if he gets a ping. 

Many men worship me out, but 
rarely get to take me out,  

I'm the type of girl who would 
take another man from his spouse,

Fuck him in his wifes bed, 
hell all over her damn house. 

My looks are the key to my 
success, I hardly need to over dress, 

My personality is locked away, 
who needs it, I can show a little breast, 

A glance of my thighs, I catch my prey
as soon as he diverts his eyes. 

I am beauty with no brains, 
I am the charm, if he buys the chains

But I will never compete with other 
girls, I refuse to change lanes.

"A type of chick I would ask,
whats your gain? and whats your game?
the answer for both would be the same"

(A Request from Aaron, a story
who inspired this poem)

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