Saturday, 7 July 2012

Conversation With My Demon (PT2)

Demon: Why is it you insist on helping people?

Me: It is something planet earth is missing... genuine help.

Demon: NO... people of this planet are not worthy, they can hardly help themselves, they rely on powers above to solve their every need.

Me: Needs which they don't want in heart, but in mind....

Demon: Well the mind is where I creep, for the heart is protected by some sort of light, not even I can tap into.

Me: What is this light you refer to?

Demon: In my world the heart is the balance to my darkness, The test of human endurance. This place I cannot enter until they are tired.

Me: So when the heart has nothing to beat for, you...

Demon: Yes I enter and fill that emptiness with reachable desires. I wonder why humans chase things out of their abilities....

Me: It makes us stronger, you cannot kill the souls creativity....

Demon: YES I CAN.... Thats the easy part, you lot can have a million ideas but can hardly act upon one... If you get one good Idea, find a million ways to destroy yourselves. HAHAHAHA

Me: Why is it that you seek the extinction of the human race?

Demon: WHY... they are foul beings who live to serve a mundane lifestyle, the wars they create only brings destruction on themselves, which brings them closer to the fiery abode, where they shall die a thousand deaths.

Me: What is worse a thousand deaths or a thousand life times?

Demon: They are both the same, for most do gooders get a second chance and still ruin it. But as for an angel it will be like coming back to hell for a punishment... Do you feel punished?

Me: Privileged....  

Demon: PRIVILEGED... To be amongst a lost people, who's souls are as valuable as a lamb going to a slaughter.... whose only fear is to die and have no respect for life. HAHAHAHAHAHA, your faith has blinded you... HAHAHAHAHA.

Me: I have no faith... I just believe in what i do....