Thursday, 26 July 2012

It's my birthday, I can rhyme if i want to.

27 on the 27th,
a British honour
or a lucky day?

As I come through
my mum, awaiting
my true fate;

wondering was I
meant to be here
or just another mistake...

But wait...
this is the life I was
given, so why not create?

Create not in vain,
but cover the beauty
as well as the pain,

I am not just a link,
without me there is
no chain,

It's hard to forget
me, you can't wash
me, I am a blood stain;

Stay with you forever
you can't just wash me

I am a real friend,
because friends
are here to stay,

The friend to help
you rise above,whilst
you rot away.

I write because I write,
I feel life beyond life,
if you had a option
would you live this life twice???

"It takes a word to open a door,
but a sentence can build a house"


  1. Nice and peaceful easy reading

    1. Thank you Juri, your name sounds like that street fighter I use to play with. memories. thanks for the read. bzzzz