Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's not an argument, just a understanding...

How do I show love to a 
man who hates his life.... 

At least I'm not the one 
who like's to hide. 

Why Is it so hard to show 

At least I don't follow 
no friend, no fashion. 

But you follow your friends 
when they ask you out...

Would rather be there, than at 
home and hear you shout.... 

It's your kids tom what do you 
expect me to do? 

If only you knew how it felt 
to be on the other shoe... 

Imagine what i have to do
to see my goal, 

although i'm apart of this 
world I don't feel whole, 

working for you and my children 
is what feels my soul, 

So i'm sorry if somedays I forget 
to know... 

No, it's not like I can understand 
a man, 

But don't be that waste one, be one 
with a plan, 

even if you fall, I will be there 
to take your hand. 

Because you are my woman 
and you are my man. 

"After every rainfall, becomes
a happy sunshine"  

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