Thursday, 12 July 2012

Let's talk old man.

Hey pessimist.... 

Who me? 

Yeah you... always crying about the worlds 

I wouldn't call it crying, more like reflecting. 

Reflecting... Thats out the window, who needs 
to reflect when the billboard is in front of us. 


I mean look at the world we live in, I can talk 
to people without seeing them, most of the 
time I don't want to see them, same old 
sob stories, work this, family that. 

Well what else is there to cry about? 

I dunno, starving children, war, stuff 
that we just don't care to do nothing about. 

We could... 

What world are you in, we could (hahaha), to much 
belief in human nature, wait i mean nurture, why would 
we help those less fortunate than us? There's no reward, 
we would rather get a thumbs up in the ass from our boss. 

Thumbs up the ass!! why would you...

I aint done, as I was saying the corporal ladder requires     
us to be selfish and eat their eggs to show off wealth 
(get it... fish, eggs, ca-via...) you don't know funny. 

That was quite good, you should start writing. 

Writing, I aint done talking... 

well I'm done listening, Email me your 
opinions and i'll be glad to voice them. 

Voice, know one's got a voice anymore, people 
don't speak for themselves these days, you got... 

Yeah O.K, just Email me. Bye 

Pessimist (Hick up)        


  1. Touché L.Horn my buddy old boy,
    witty and done with intelligence.

    Do check my new poem when you have
    the opportunity, my best regards.

    Toodle pip

    1. I'm already driving my route to CONCRETE PIRATES. BZZZZZZZ