Monday, 23 July 2012

Summers Day

Walking in the sun around
my local area.

Men at work gawking at the secretary,
as she has dressed up extra for the 
hot weather;

her  blouse open hoping she can catch 
as much men fantasising about her.  

Women on the street waiting to 
show that figure she's been 
working on in the winter. 
A little girl laughing at
her parents,

who happily mock each other
about how they order food in restraints.

A little boy skips across the
estate, his father saying,

"no no no run like this" his
words are not wasted.

A young lady lyes upon
her porch, singing to melodies
as the sun shines amongst her.

Fathers are away from their spouse
to politic about the daily strifes of life;

as the women are in the park
taking photos of themselves,
looking for a new profile picture;

Children running frantically from one
activity to another,

that energy turns into a smiley slumber
for both mum and dad.  

"The sun is the smile of earth"

(Have a great summer)


  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2012

    Have a hearty summer too, dear poet.

    Your words are always such delight, I catch the sun in their flow and shine in its warmth as we both creatively grow...

    Adore Applebum
    "I hate apple but ADORE her bum." ~ Le Hornet

    1. hahahahahaha, you know whats up, freestyle and on the spot quotes for those who ignite such thoughts. bzzzzz