Sunday, 12 August 2012

A writers life... So far...

Have you ever considered reading the
simple things of life?

A writer is not a journalist,
but gives you a journal
of his journey.

A writer can travel to different
worlds, even if confined in one.

A writers words are recorded in
the book of life and many generations
will read upon his transcripts.

A writer is the instrument of inspiration,
the right words cannot leave one feeling
left behind.

A writers mind is a craft, constantly
building on the art of expression,

Writers block is nothing but clogged
thoughts and will clear with growth.

A writer can turn his painful thoughts
into pleasurable words;  

Even if the pen ran out of ink,will pierce
his finger tip and write in blood. 
The expression of a writer is to keep the
heart beating, not to convince your mind of 
a unknown story.

Read what can speak to you because
silent thoughts can create loud noises;

Too many thoughts create silent angers.

Trade pointless status with fine haiku's and
text a friend with open question quotes.

You shall find what you read can be seen
in your daily life;

Read the propaganda then be a victim
to a false opinion, read reflective truths
and be observant to your feelings.    

"A writer can heal through his words, 
can take you low as the worms 
or help you rise high as the birds" 

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