Saturday, 4 August 2012

Avenue Road memoirs....

The things we did just
to get through a day, 

figure four leg lock 
to little brother dave, 

Chatting to roggs   
with joke things to say. 

We would go into new
developments after hours, 

run under drain pipes 
and take rain showers; 

Shorts and t-shirt to 
add to the jokes, 

smartie party and lemsip 
to clear our blocked nose. 

Mcdonalds and pizza hut 
Takeaway weekends, 

spilling coffee on my hands 
and shouting DEFENCE.

layon the crayon,
staven the raven omlit, 

Eventually became custom 
a favourite kitchen hit.  

We would play a random demo, 
for the ritual towel run,

been there for many hard times,
through rain and sun; 

Laugh at the good times, 
as there are much more to come,   

Without a friend like him life 
would not be as much fun.     

(Shout out to my opposite, 
almost 20 years Brother)