Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dot out of my circle.

A dot in the middle is
the only thing that can
separate a circle.

The dot uses lines to divide
the circle, making sure it's
the centre of attention;

If the circle is divided
it can then be cut into

The dot is small compared
to the circle and will use that
space to create big problems.

The dot is in the middle,
to prove itself worthy to
the longterm circle,

Success will invite it
in, shadiness will vanquish
it out.  

The dot knows fear without
the circle, the circle knows
harmony without the dot.

The circle can roll without
the dot, the dot dose not
move without the circle.

Strong circles will
close in on the dot,
make themselves tighter;

make the dot feel claustrophobic,
not allowing the dot to breath,

Will feel the circles energy and be forced to leave.

"If there is a dot in your circle
erase it, before the circle turns pear shape"

(If you imagine a pie chart and the
dot in the middle, it has the power
to occupy 1 quater of a circle or 3 quarters.
let no dot separate your circle)  

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