Saturday, 11 August 2012

Family catch ups

The worst time to see your family
is at a reunion.

I mean there are cool members,
like that uncle who will come to
the room and have a drink or two,

He could care less if your under age,
His motto is "I was once young"

Then you got his brothers, who cant
control their drinks, ego clashing,
who's got the best car, house and wife,

It gets so heated, next minute you hear
a smash and see two men rolling on the floor.

Then you have your auntie, constantly
asking, what are you doing with life,
intel clearly sounded like it was from mum,

As they have nothing to talk about, apart
from family members and recipes.

You have the spoiled cousin who starts
bragging about things you don't even
care about, your buzz slowly declining,

as he talks about his pay rise and his girl
count, as you're thinking "ego driven coke head"

Competition is at it's highest in a reunion,
I feel like we are in a football game, dad
is in defence, mum on the offence;

My huge uncle on the side covering the wings,
literally on the sides watching the entertainment,
chomping on the chicken wings.

Family is funny, because your best stories
come from them,

As they read me some when I was young,
I will write them proper stories before they get old.

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