Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Forgive thy weakness...

How it feels to come one on one
with your weakness,

Blaming others out of pleasure
as your pain constantly increases,

you don't feel whole when you
look in the mirror,

to many broken pieces;

Shards represents emotions, in them
you see many past commotions,

If you dig deep within yourself,
there are many mixed up notions;

Questioning to much of life,
can lead to spiritual convulsions.
Living in a world, where it's
easy to cry on the inside,

afraid to let thoughts go,
because your reality may collide,

want to express to someone
but theres no one to confide.

In a world where it's hard
to let yourself go,

Where speaking your mind
can get out of control,

saying things out of context,
making people feel low,

I say:

"Turn weakness into strength
because through weakness you grow"

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