Thursday, 9 August 2012

Life should not be a game...

A joystick and one red button,
jumping over barrels, trying
to save a princess.

Walking the streets of rage
across the city with one
cruiser and a friend.

We were breaking bricks, before
that grand theft auto, told you
to sell them.

Games, where it was a walking
puzzle and had to use your mind
to progress,

Not just shoot a crap player
and act like your great, playing
the same game day in and not going out.

We were a generation where
the highest score mattered and
not the highest kill count.

Now it's a virtual training
ground, where they call your
children for duty.

Training young killers,
replicating real wars with no
historical understanding.

It goes from call of duty,
to cadets, from cadets
to  man made wars.

What ever to happened
to wanting to run like
sonic or jump like mario.

Video games did not need
to simulate virtual reality, it was
a world of adventure and fantasy,

Now we log on to a server,
killing our friends, claiming
false prestige and bragging rights;

Most real soldiers would not
brag about the death of another man...
war is now glorified through simulation.

Your child will never know the
value of life if they just play games
that glorify death.

"A time where games were
played for fun, pick up and play
any, not just games with a gun"


  1. i fell you .lucchi

    1. My man, we grew up in that era, so i know you know the deal. catch you in the old school. bzzzz

    2. loving this poem, feeling about the same way right now..