Wednesday, 26 September 2012

2 cats and a insomniacs revenge...

I could not get to sleep...

As the nocturnal animals 
Night explore, 

the kitten playing with the 
bath room door,

right next to me is my girlfriend
and man can she snore. 

I could not get to sleep...

As you try and close your 

Two more cats are fighting 
until the morning rise. 

So I awake and fill my 
sons water gun, 

as they lay to rest in the morning 
it's my turn to have fun. 

Lock them in the room they 
have know where to run.  

Squirt squirt squirt as I wet my 

anger in my blood shot eyes as 
I say "I'm going to punish ya"

They eventually curl, 
crying for help, 

I say next time you fight 
I'll throw you in a well.

They look at me with a 
blank expression, 

I Have my breakfast as I 
leave them in detention. 

Behind the door they don't 
make a sound, 

and if they fight tonight we'll 
go another round.  


  1. AWESOME!!! This made me laugh. I've got a cat and when she does her crazy cat thing and I'm trying to sleep I could easily throw water on her! :-)

    1. hahahahaahhaha, it needs to be done sometimes. their just like children, punish them when they get out of hand. and them keeping me up. topped it. peace for the read. bzzzzz