Thursday, 27 September 2012

Heels before me....

Short skirts lead to long term stalking.

Bring light to your body and the darkest
fiends will appear.

Protect your youth young girl, do not
expose your flesh to wolves;

If you lead the wolf astray and refuse
to feed his lust, he will bite.

You may escape once, but next
time he will bring his pack;

they will slowly devour your
innocence, which in the future
can lead to guilty pleasures.  

Make up is an accessory for
liars, why wear it in your stage
of seeking truth?

You are closer to the truth, grow
with what you have not what
you want.

You do not need to catch up
to the older woman who is
slowly declining.

The older woman has nothing
to show, but stress marks and
stretch marks.
Do not rush to grow up as the
world is at your pace;

If you run quickly, you may pass
the man that was meant for you.

Stop following fashion, it will
confuse your identity,

give you un-wanted labels, where
the wrong crowd will buy into you.

all I can say is;

"It's all been said and done,
learn from the ones above
and live life now whilst your young"


  1. That's damn good!

    1. Thank you, It was a request and I had to let people be more aware, in the end every girl is a daughter to us, we must guide them through their change not ignore them. peace.