Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Another cool night another fan...

The response from a unknown audience...

Making you feel like family,
as you go on stage,

Expressing all feelings, weather they
were passive or rage...

You feel like your home...
say what i have to say regardless of the tone...

The love gives you more confidence,
their response makes the mission more worthy,

Poetry with coco was fly,
if this was poetry golf I scored a definite birdie.

Days when you feel like you wanna quit,
this was a place where I could recite my gift...

It's even that sweeter when you around those
who share the same vibe,

spitting poetic truths, keeping the
cypher live.

A show where I never felt dead,
words were pure gold, no one turned red;

Nothing to be embarrassed about,
If you had a cry this is the place you could shout.

The environment was nothing but love,
if your state was low, being there you would feel above.

I am thankful for the ambience,
poetic cardiac, heart was in shock,
felt I needed a ambulance.

Again thanks for a wonderful night, whatever I
thought was wrong, turned out to be just right.

Thanks for the show, my soul is now yearning,
nothing but teaching, this was my higher learning.

Peace to "http://www.PoetryWithCoco.com/"
(Help me elevate to a higher state. peace and
High vibes. bzzzzzzz)

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