Friday, 12 October 2012

City Mentality...

The city mentality...

Estate kids think in mazes, 
so they can not open up 
to the world around them. 

The morning suits are 
tweeting their life away, 
waiting for the trains 
announcement to their 
daily slave.    

The criminals are always working, 
their victims meet them in alleys and 
stair wells, there acts are justified 
by the society that robs people. 

Non working mothers conspire 
in conversations about pointless 
turmoils and relationship status. 
their therapy is cured by spending 
money they don have in the local mall.

Non working men get drunk 
through their days, chain 
smoking as they burn their money 
in one day... for the next week 
they isolate in their prison 
until the next pay check. 

Old men betting on that horse, as 
one gets his winning, Spends it on
the horse... His life is a never 
ending race as he is whipped by
the gambling demon. 

As I strike a conversation with a 
homeless man, just words of sob 
He gives me praise for stopping, 
I tell him to move on from his past...
the next day he dose not remember 
But I left my angelic presence. 

As the daily beggar asks me for money, 
I ask him "what's my name?" 
he looks at me with awe and 
moves on to the next smile. 

The city is a grey place, which reflect
grey moods, I ask the divine to bring 
sun everyday, it seems thats the only 
time people smile...  

"The city is a grid made to keep you thinking 
in a maze, nature is there to open your heart
and is a message letting you know to just be"

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