Monday, 29 October 2012

Colour is a illusion...

In this day and time why is colour
still an issue? 

Do we not live in a society of 
many ethnicities... 

Yet around the corner is a 
racist, still lives in his past, 
the future he can't face it. 

Why do you insist to corrupt 
your new babies,

when they wanna engage,
there head is full of maybes;

Maybe I can invite,
dose it matter if he's dark
or matter if I'm light,

If we peel the skin off,
would it not be the same sight?

We are all one flesh,
racism is a test,
and if we fail it now...

The future is going to be a mess.

Racism is a form of control, 
to separate the world from being whole, 

If we don't change it,
we will corrupt our soul. 

"Let us not divide through colour,
instead lets multiply the unity"

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