Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Most people have no energy,

Ask them to do some push ups...
they would probably do three.

Energy can be spontaneous,
somedays it needs to be still like the tree.

There are those who use energy 
to chase some skirt, 

what a waste of energy, 
if all you got was a friendly flirt. 

Let your energy shine like the sun, 
don't just sit there if your legs wanna run.

Group energy is nothing but jokes, 
don't fall asleep or be a victim of hoax. 

Invest your energy in people who need you, 
you're get energy back and it will be times two. 

Energy is a powerful way to communicate, 
because how you express, defines your mental state. 

Energy alone is as valuable as time, 
To waste it on the wrong things  to me is a crime.

Energy if mastered can make a lazy person walk, 
all he has to do is exercise energetic thought. 

Energy vampires trying to suck my hype,
is it not true that the dead are envious of the life,

Dark vibes cant harm me,
especially when my source is the light.

I am energy..

My resource is natural,
so I can give it out for free...


  1. brraaatthh. Fire

    1. hahahaha Safe. more to come. peace and creativity.