Saturday, 13 October 2012

I see what I believe...

Thoughts manifest... 

If you want a beautiful
world think it, 

But by thinking it, 
you have to act  on it, 

Once you act on it, you 
have to believe in it, 

Your belief in turn goes 
into a divine place, 

It's in this place, where the 
decision is made, 

Made based on your 

If your intention is positive, 
you're put on a path,

This path leads to inspiration
from like minded people,

These people are from 
different experiences,    

These experiences shaped   

Morals which linked with
share faith... 

It is this shared faith, 
which creates the picture; 

our mind wants to see.... 
our heart wants to be... 
and the soul... living free... 

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