Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I'll still grow with you...

I remember the 90's,
Hip-Hop when at it's pinnacle,

Poets, breakers, and a few
were spiritual an others were political.

You would dance to the
beat as well as the words,

It was not gangster gangster,
some mc's were nerds.

2pac being a great poet,
spitting you a life sonnet,

Bone thugs with fast flows,
tongue was as fast as sonic.

I was brought up in the days when
ODB like it raw,

Sunz Of Man, Gravediggaz were
on the horror core.

2000 is when it was a good
time to rhyme,

Hip-Hop was getting bigger
in the U.K, next to grime.

Mainstream started to die,
underground started to rise,

It was a time to except the truth
or join the lies.

Hip hop is not dead, is what I
would say to Nas,

You have 2 beautiful daughters,
why did you kiss Nicki Minaj?

You were one of my heroes growing up,
now you drink out of the beast's cup.

I'm not in that light, so I will never know
that side,

But don't take your fan base, because you
wanna cool ride...

Anyway the game has changed,
pointless symbols, Mc's are deranged;

Girls wanna be Rihanna
Guys wanna be little Wayne.

I hope the next generation revive hip-hop,
bring wisdom to it and not let it stay pop...

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