Friday, 26 October 2012

Inner Light...

See the reality of your decisions...

Refer to me as your ball of light.

I came across two paths during my journey,
on the left was the road of light,
where which I trod...

Soon as I trod my path I lost all sight of myself,
My shine had gone, I felt vulnerable.

All though I could see it all, I wanted
to close my eyes to this world
of so called glamour.

Everyone was smiling on this path
and no one questioned anything;

It's like they were blind to over exposure,
flashing billboards and every bar had
a strobe effect.

During my journey I met a dimmer light
who told me;

"In the path of light the truth cannot be seen.
You must go to a place where you can see
nothing, but where you will find everything"

Now I enter into the void of darkness,
what answers will i find...

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