Sunday, 21 October 2012

(My "Brackets")

Why make an effort in a world,
which only holds as much value
as you give it?
(we are rich in self, forget material wealth)

Why indulge excessively in make up
knowing he will never truly see you...
(will you ever show yourself)

Why save all that money and take her on
a shopping spree and a fancy restaurant
all so you can just get a F%$C.
(weak minded man, take her to the park and converse)

Why make the same trip to a job,
which wasn't meant for you, but
keep telling yourself it's only temporary.
(quit whilst your living, don't rot in a four walled coffin)

Why tell me you love me,
but you want to be with him
and when your with him only
realise you love me.
(wow that's confusing)

Why do you complain about
the man you sleep with and
still wake up with him the next day
(You need him more than you think)

Why is it when you get a good woman
you treat her bad, her pain becomes your
(If you cant love her let her go, if she genuinely loves you help her grow)

Why do you choose to suffer where
theres opportunity? telling yourself,
theres nothing to do.
(If there's nothing to do, there's always something to do)

Why do you continually make babies
out of lust, as they grow up never understanding
the true feeling of love.
(The fruit of your loins spoil, seeds of love is what needs to be bared)

Why is it we as people would rather
save money, then save people?
(There is nothing more valuable than a human life and should re-think our morals)

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