Sunday, 28 October 2012

poetic health advice...

My body is my temple...

Walnuts increasing my brains response,
As my neurones commune with clarity
and clearing all other blockages.

Carrot juice clears the
windows to my soul.

A bunch of grapes and some cayenne pepper to
replenish my heart.

Take some garlic cloves from a garlic bulb
to brighten your liver.

A hand full of olives are my facial wash,
keeping my external skin radiant,
Internally improving my memory.

Blueberries aiding my pancreas,
for no toxics can be a threat as
they become mutely bind with the antitoxins.

Spinach increasing my bloods flow,
carrying oxygen to all my cells and gives
me a physical boost I need for my daily rounds.  

A passion fruit increases the
passion in my bedroom.

Avocado is my bodies God,
every organ has a party,

we want more...
Please don't stop

"Meat should be a treat,
Not a daily feast, you are what
you eat and most people are beast"

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