Friday, 5 October 2012

To the Bermuda soldier.

To the brother from the triangle,
Who sees life at every angle...

You showed nothing but truth,
could make the street your roof.

You showed nothing but pure respect,
where ever you went you never left;

No one behind, would help them
on there grind.

You would always be optimistic,
even when you were sick.

Your path was nothing but truth,
man's loved your business
But you helped the youth;

In hard times, when they had nothing,
you always gave them something.

Your mission was defined by honesty,
that why You a real O.G;

G meaning God, not a gangster,
thrive on spontaneity,
you were not a planner.

Whatever your mission,
you improved my vision.

Once a boy with a simple intention,
now becoming a man with your intervention.

Strong spirit, you were meant to be gifted,
you came for a few months,
many souls were uplifted.

Now they dwell on the day of your return,
they played with fire and now they feel
it's burn.

Your truth changed the London circle,
You really must have been the bermudian Urkel.

"A triangle is the a powerful formation,
 Turn the shape anyone can be on top,
But two people will always be behind you"


(Short poem dedicated to the Bermudian soldier)

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